DBI01 Population Growth
AAH01 Rental Housing Affordability
CE01 Voter Turnout
CSI01 Social Housing Waiting Lists
ED01 Education levels
ELE01 Business Bankruptcies
NE01 Air Quality
PCH01 Low Birth Weight Babies
PFS01 Families Receiving Social Assistance
PS01 Youth Crime
DBI02 Household Size
AAH02 Homeowner Affordability
CE02 Women in Municipal Government
CSI02 Rent-Geared-to-Income Housing
ED02 High School Completion
ELE02 Consumer Bankruptcies
NE02 Commuting Distance
PCH02 Teen Births
PFS02 Employment Insurance
PS02 Violent Crimes
DBI03 Family Composition
AAH03 Core Housing Need
CE03 Volunteering
CSI03 Subsidized Child Care Spaces
ED03 Student Teacher Ratio
ELE03 Hourly Wage
NE03 Mode of Transportation
PCH03 Premature Mortality
PFS03 Incidence of Low Income
PS03 Property Crime
DBI04 Average Income
AAH04 Substandard Units
CE04 Charitable Donations
CSI04 Social Services-Culture Occupations
ED04 Composite Learning Index Score
ELE04 Change in Income
NE04 Density
PCH04 Infant Mortality
PFS04 Children Living in Poverty
PS04 Criminal Code Offences
DBI05 Renters & Owners
AAH05 Changing Face of Homelessness
CSI05 Recreation Facilities
ED05 Educational Occupations
ELE05 Building Permits
NE05 Water Consumption
PCH05 Body Mass Index
PFS05 Income Gap
PS05 Police Per Capita
DBI06 Population Mobility
AAH06 Vacancy Rates
CSI06 Cultural Facilities
ELE06 Unemployment Rates
NE06 Wastewater Treatment
PCH06 Smoking Status
PFS06 Social Assistance Rates
PS06 Weapons Violations (non-violent violations)
DBI07 Immigration
AAH07 Rental Housing Starts
CSI07 Long Term Care
ELE07 Unemployment Rate - Recent Immigrants
NE07 Waste Diversion
PCH07 Life Expectancy
PFS07 Working Poor
PS07 Drug Violations
DBI08 Language Spoken at Home
AAH08 Monthly Rent
CSI08 Recreation Programs
ELE08 Quality of Employment
NE08 Recreational Water Quality
PCH08 Physical Activity
PFS08 Community Affordability
PS08 Traffic Violations Causing Death
DBI09 Visible Minorities
AAH09 Cost of Housing
CSI09 Library Indicators
ELE09 Labour Force Replacement
NE09 Drinking Water Quality
PCH09 Asthma
PFS09 Transit Affordability
PS09 Emergency Service Occupations
DBI10 Aboriginal Population
AAH10 Overcrowding
CSI10 Health Care Professionals
NE10 Ecological Footprint
PCH10 Mental Health
PFS10 Food Insecurity