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Throughout the MDCT, definitions of terms can be accessed by clicking on highlighted text. If you need any further clarification please contact the administrator.

QOLRS Technical Team Representatives serve as MDCT Coordinators within their respective communities. MDCT Coordinators are responsible for the following tasks:

  • Contact individuals within their community needed to complete various sections of the MDCT, providing them with log-in information;
  • Serve as principal point of contact with various municipal departments and other agencies participating in the data collection exercise;
  • Monitor the MDCT to ensure accurate and complete responses are being provided, contacting the MDCT administrator as required; and,
  • Notify the MDCT administrator when individual sections of the MDCT are complete.

The MDCT administrator will follow-up directly with respondents to seek clarification on responses.

1. Homelessness
PART A: Summary Data PART B: Detailed Data
2. Social Housing
PART A: Summary Data PART B: Detailed Data
3. Child Care
4. Recreation
5. Culture
6. Long Term Care
7. Solid Waste
8. Recreational Water Quality
9. Municipal Elections