User's Guide

Logging In

  • If you had a password with the previous MDCT, it is still valid. Sign in using your email address and the old password.
  • New users can register using the REGISTER link on the welcome page. See the previous bullet point regarding your password.
  • If you have any problems signing in, please contact the administrator.


  • Select ‘ENTER DATA’ at the top of the screen to input data. You will then be able to navigate the nine sections of the MDCT using the left-hand sidebar.
  • Select ‘VIEW DATA’ at the top of the screen to see the data entered for all questions. Use this link if you want to verify data that you have just entered is being displayed correctly.
  • ‘My Profile’ in the top-right corner contains your name, email address and phone number.
  • Set Location designates the community for which you are entering data (more information below).

Setting your Location

  • Use the ‘Set Location’ link at the top of the page to indicate the location for which you are entering data.
  • If you are not entering real data, please change your location to ‘Demo City’.
  • Regional Municipalities can either set their location as the Region or as one of the 2nd-tier municipalities. By default, if the user sets the Region as their location, the data entered during that session will be displayed in the MDCT Viewer. If no data are entered by the Region, then the MDCT Viewer will display the sum of the 2nd-tier municipalities' data.
    To be clear: log in as the Region if you have data for the entire Region. If you enter data for a 2nd tier municipality and then later enter data as the Region, the data entered for the 2nd tier municipality will be saved, but will not be displayed in the MDCT Viewer.

Entering Data

  • Go to the MDCT Mainpage and then select a section using the left-hand sidebar (reads: 1. Homelessness , 2. Social Housing, etc...).
  • For each question, you have the following options: VIEW, EDIT, COMMENTS, HISTORY.
  • VIEW (default setting): This lets you view the data for that question. This is NOT the MDCT Viewer.
  • EDIT: Enter or change data using this option. You can add new years and delete a year. If you make changes that you don’t want to save, you can select RESET. When you are finished editing, select SAVE CHANGES.
  • COMMENTS: Please use the this section to qualify data, explain methodology or otherwise provide information useful to interpreting the answers to the question. A comments section for the entire section is also provided at the bottom of the page.
  • HISTORY: Tracks changes made by users (no History available from the previous MDCT).
  • A SUPPLEMENTARY DATA field is provided at the bottom of each section. Use this enter comments about the entire section or upload relevant files.

Viewing the Data

  • Select the MDCT Viewer at the top of the page.
  • Select the question of interest and then ‘View Data’.
  • View the Comments by selecting the COMMENTS tab.
  • You can export the data tables using the ‘Export as Excel-compatible HTML’. When opening the file, ignore the warning message regarding the file extension. Click ‘Yes’ to open the file (the data tables are exported as HTML, but with an XLS extension).

All data entered into the MDCT are saved, even if they aren't displayed.
Note that the text has not yet been altered from the previous version of the MDCT. Your comments regarding the text on the site are welcome and encouraged. This task will be completed once the tool is functional.

Please contact the administrator for any clarification.